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Hello this is Jennie Heckel, copywriter for  VideoScriptCopywriter.com.

If you need more profitable leads to convert to more sales so you can slash the money you spend on traffic so you can make the income you desire then that's what we can do for you. 

Top Marketers hire us because our Explainer Videos, Video Scripts, Sales Letters, and Emails CONVERT HIGHER and MAKE THEM MORE MONEY!

We have worked with 649 well-satisfied clients in the last 16 years netting us over $1,765,775.00 in copywriting earnings, bonuses and commissions all while earning over 20million dollars in sales of products and services for our clients.

What's incredible is 97% of our clients say they would happily hire us again and they do.

The EPC'S for our clients range from $1.50 TO $5.46 PER CLICK from various traffic sources.

We have access to a proven PPC outsourcer who can slash the cost of PPC by 50% or more with proven retargeting methods too.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your project needs.

Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday - Friday.
Central Time Zone Wisconsin. USA

Office Phone: 608-786-0717.

Other times by email appointment.

I look forward to your call and hearing about your project.



* Health, Anti-Aging, and Beauty

* Alternative Health and Supplements

* Fitness and Weight Loss

* Law of Attraction

* Real Estate

* Internet Marketing

* WSO /  Warrior Forum Product Launches

* JV ZOO Product Launches

* Upsells / Downsells/ Cross Sells


* VSL Copywriter

* Video Sales Letter Copywriter

* 3X Sellerator Video Scripts and Sales Letters
(written with my 3X Sellerator Membership)

* Product Launch Copywriter

* Sales Letter Copywriter

* Sales Letter Expert

* NLP Copywriter

* Conversion Rate Increase Copywriting

* Copy Editing for Sales Improvements

Our video scripts are created with our 3X Sellerator Membership with  3X Sellerator VSL Formula from Jon Benson, who is the Video Sales Letter Formula Creator.

Our Sales Letters are created with the $5 Million Dollar Sales Formula Membership from Jon Benson,  who is the $5 Million Dollar Sales Letter Formula Creator.

We use expert level copywriting skills using subliminal copywriting techniques (NLP) including loops, reiterations, modalities to help push the sale for higher conversion rates.

You get higher sales results because your copy includes subliminal wording or NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to significantly increase your conversion rates, so you can bank more sales faster!

You can trust in our work and feedback from hundreds of well-satisfied clients posted right on this website on our testimonials page.

You can feel smart when you hire us to do the hard work for you so you bank more sales and commissions with a proven sales and marketing team.

Hire us and you can relax because you know you have an expert video and sales copy creation team working hard for you to help bring in the sales results you need.

You know from looking our feedback and history we care about our clients and we go the extra mile to deliver our best work to you.

** Client Conversion Proof Stats and Client References
available upon request.**


Affordable Explainer Videos -  Video Script Copywriter - Sales Letter Copywriter - VSL Copywriter - Email Copywriter - Autoresponder Copywriter - Lead Pages Copywriter - Health Copywriter -
Supplement Copywriter - JV Zoo Copywriter - WSO Copywriter


Video Scripts, VSLS, Sales Letters, Emails, Pre-Sell Pages, Lead Pages, Sales Letters, Upsell Pages, Clickbank Video Scripts, 3X Sellerator Video Scripts, 3X Sellerator Sales Letters, Autoresponder Series / Email Copywriter.

Here's what you will get when you hire us:

You'll benefit from our proven copywriting experience with over 20 million dollars in sales for our Premiere Clients in the last 16 years.

We show my earnings proof and my rock-solid testimonials from hundreds of well satisfied clients which few video creators and copywriters do.


(I have spent over $50,000 in the last 16 years on my copywriting training):

* Video Scripts - written with my Membership and using the
3X Sellerator Jon Benson Video Sales Letter Formula.

* Sales Letters - written with my Membership and using the  ($5,000,000.00 Sales Letter Formula Jon Benson.

* Product Launch Video Scripts - written with (Ryan Deiss Video
Sales Letter Formula)

* Ryan Deiss Digital Marketing Course - Internet Marketing Copywriter

* Andre Chaperon's AutoResponder Madness Course

* Daniel Levis Email Alchemy System - Email Marketing for high conversion emails (

* Peter Godfrey Conversion Copywriting Courses: Buying Frenzy, Black Ops Conversion Tactics, Sales Letter & Email Writing

* NLP Copywriting - Neuro-linguistic Programming

* AWAI  6 Figure Copywriting Course 

* AWAI Health Marketing Course

* AWAI Email Marketing Course

* Dan Kennedy Training - Multiple Copywriting Courses

* Clayton Makepeace Copywriting Course - Desktop Copy Coach Training

* Health Copywriter - specializing in Health VSLs, Landing Pages and
Optin Pages

* John Carlton - Kick Ass Copywriting Certification

* David Garfinkel - Copywriting Mastery Course and Club Member


97% of my clients said "they would hire us again!"

Our top selling VSLS and Sales Letters earning up to an incredible $5.46 EPC!

Our pledge to you: "We do the hard work so you don't have to!"

Here's what you want to do now.

Call me to receive a FREE no-obligation discussion about how my team and I can help you double your leads and multiply your sales!

If you want to hire a top video marketing team with an expert level marketing copywriter who knows SEO, Digital Marketing, NLP, Lead Generation and can write copy that sells then call me now.

Call me and let's talk, because you'll want to hire us before we are booked full up!

I am looking forward to discussing your project with you!

Jennie Heckel  

Office Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. M - F.
Wisconsin Central Time Zone, USA

Phone: (608) 786-0717.

Skype: seoexpertconsulting